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Easy to Use

Intuitive system that is easy to learn and use that offers many advanced possibilites

Improved Comfort

Minimal discomfort to overcome long experience durations that extends to sensative users

Motion Freedom

Offers a full range of motion with perfect control that makes all of virtual space accessible

What Is Our Aim With Our Locomotion System?

Digital Diceworks Locomotion System (DDLS) is an innovative movement system designed for use within Virtual Reality (VR) environments. It was designed to meet the need for a better way explore virtual worlds while reducing discomfort but still maintaining the immersive experience. DDLS is based on the observations of natural movement in the real world, simplfied for ease of use but robust enough to give you the freedom to perform fantastic feats. We took those observations and noticed something very important to creating our locomotion system, the motions users would initial make. When you start walking in the real world, you start by taking small step, if you were going to start running you were start with a bigger step. The difference in these “initial motions” is the distance at which you moved from where you started, your origin. This is the core concept of the DDLS.

How Do You Use Our Locomotion System?

When the user activates the system, they don’t have to take steps to move around but instead just shift their weight in the initial motion of what they’re trying to do. By doing the initial motion into their desired direction, the user is reconnecting themselves mentally to their avatar. This greatly reduces the amount of discomfort because the avatar is reacting to the natural motions of the user as an extension of actions. On the technical side, when the user activates the system (within our demo), they’re creating the origin point where they’re holding the controller. As they move the controller away from this point, their avatar is going to start moving in that direction. The further they move away from the origin, the faster the avatar goes. The origin point can be created from any tracked device but we’ve found the most utility in creating it from the controllers.

Where Can You Try Our Locomotion System?

While we enjoy explaining our Locomotion System, the best way to understand what it's capable of is just to try it! There are currently a few ways that you can try our system. The first is contacting us! We are California based, available for demos from the San Francisco Bay Area through to the Sacramento Valley. The Second is coming out to one of our demo events! Check our Facebook or Twitter pages to find out when the next one will be! Lastly, we are proud to announce the release of our system demo! Now available for everyone to try on their PC VR hardware system of choice

If you're interested in helping us make improvements, Digital Dicework's Locomotion System is fully open source on GitHub!

Making something in unity and interested in using our system? Download our system today on the unity Asset Store!

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Carlos F. Molina

Studio Lead

Johannes Robbins

Senior Level Designer

Ronnie Smith

Senior Programmer

We are a small game development team that is dedicated to making complete gaming experiences. Our current endevour is creating content related to virtual reality. We intend to tackle the current challenges facing VR games while ensuring that our solutions apply to the minimal hardware needed. (HTC Vive/ Occulus Rift)

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Digital Diceworks offers a Variety of Services!

That include but are not limited to:
  • System Intergration Consulting!

    We are the knowledge base for our Locomotion System. While the core of our system will be available for use as an open source SDK, we offer consulting services for integration into projects that require custom adjustments.

  • Rapid Prototyping!

    Digital Diceworks also specializes in the field of rapid prototyping for gaming experiences. So if you've really enjoyed our system and/or have great game idea but don't have a team to create a prototype, we are available for hire!

Our current skill offerings includes:

  • Unity3D Game Development
  • 3D Modeling Services
  • Graphic Design
  • Game Programming
  • Level Design
  • Game Design

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